1. We value the proper use of Drewstown House property and facilities for promoting positive Christian activities by Christian churches and organisations that can respect in good conscience our vision, mission, values, and ethos policy.

2. We value activities and events that encourage the unique contribution, development, and training of individual Christians, and how that in turn strengthens Irish Christian churches and organisations.



3. We value the proper use of the property and facilities by our local community as a positive Christian witness without diminishing either our position as a Christian conference centre or our ethos policy.

4. We value Drewstown House’s special role in Ireland for reaching children and youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as hosting groups of all ages.

5. We value Drewstown House’s long-term use as a year-round operational centre; therefore we seek to develop and maintain the property and facilities to a standard that allows us to meet our long-term objectives.

6. We value as the Drewstown House Trust, our need to be led by the Holy Spirit, open to change, and flexible; we accept our legal and stewardship responsibilities for the property and facilities that belong to God.

7. We value the outside partnership, practical help, and welcomed services of others who share in Drewstown House’s vision, mission, values, and ethos policy.