Terms & Conditions

Full and final payment must be made on the first full day after arrival.

Deposits:       Weekend Booking (1 – 3 nights) €150, non-refundable.

                                    Week-long Camp   (4 – 6 night)   10% of the full fee.

Cancellation Policy   Should Drewstown have to cancel an event the deposit will be refunded. If the event is cancelled by an individual or group 12 weeks prior to the event and the dates can be filled there will be no additional charge to the deposit. Should the dates not be filled for a weekend event, a 50% of minimum numbers fee will be charged. The minimum guest number is 32. For a week-long event, the cancellation fee will be 50% pf the full amount.

  • The hirer agrees to pay for damages caused to Drewstown House or property, beyond normal wear and tear, by any member of their group. (e.g. knocking holes in walls, setting off fire alarms or extinguishers, missing items, fixing notices to walls). No pins or staples to be used on walls or woodwork. Blu-tak only on wood or glass surfaces or notice boards.
  • The hirer must provide details of their child safety policy to D.H. management. This must demonstrate adequate supervision of children at all times while respecting their privacy.
  • Failure to provide such a policy will require that the hirer follows the guidelines of the DHCC Child Protection Policy.
  • The Director of Drewstown House has final authority on all matters affecting Drewstown House, grounds, equipment and residents.
  • The hirer agrees to curtail noise after 11.30 p.m.
  • The following items and activities are prohibited in Drewstown House and grounds: alcoholic beverages, gambling, use of non-prescribed drugs, smoking, absolutely no photography in dorms or shower areas.
  • Pets are not permitted in Drewstown House or grounds.
  • Seven days before arrival, the hirer must inform Drewstown of numbers of people attending and the make-up of the group (e.g. the number of men, women, children & couples).
  • As soon as rooms are assigned, the hirer must complete and return the fire safety form to record the distribution of guests in each room.
  • The hirer (conference/group) agree to comply with Drewstown’s rules for fire safety and general behaviour. DH Staff will advise the position of fire exits and escape strategy in the case of fire.
  • The hirer accepts all responsibility for accidents, illness, first aid treatment, and loss of personal property through theft on the premises or from parked vehicles. The hirer will provide Drewstown with a copy of their insurance policy including public liability policy.
  • Limited car parking available in the gymnasium car-park only and nowhere else. All parking is at the owner’s risk.
  • The hirer will provide their own sleeping bags/pillows/pillowcases/towels and first aid kit.
  • No canoes are permitted on the lake prior to 11 am unless specific permission is granted.

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